Living with Social Anxiety

What is Social Anxiety?

What does Social Anxiety Look like?

  1. Blushing
  2. Sweating
  3. Rapid Heart Rate
  4. Rigid Body Posture
  5. Little Eye Contact
  6. Nausea or sickness to the stomach
  7. Speaking with a very soft voice
  8. Shaking or Trembling
  1. Fear of offending someone
  2. Fear of being embarrassed
  3. Fear of being the centre of attention
  4. Fear of being judged

What is it like living with Social Anxiety?

There are all watching my every move. They are plotting and planning against me. Whispering about me.

I am a nuisance. I am slowing down everybody else. Everybody would be happier if I wasn’t there.

Do they really like me or is it all a lie?

I probably got off dumb luck. There is no way I deserve this.



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